Web Design & Development

Developed Self’s architecture for the Wordpress migration specifically with the following features:

  • DFP lazy load integration for each page

  • Editor modules which integrated drag and drop and dynamic modules

  • Infinite load on page using Ajax.

  • Analytical tools like Omniture and Comsure for monitoring.

  • Fully responsive site

  • Custom Native Ad integration through DFP
    The Ghost Logo

  • Led a team of offshore developers to redesign the Self (2014) website and migrate from an outdated custom content

Management system (CMS) to a new WordPress driven solution. This resulted in

  • A 65% decrease in time to publish for the editorial team

  • An increase from 4.3 to 5 minutes average time spent on the Self site

  • An increase in ad viewability for Self site from 55% to 67% based off of the newly created UX